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    literally the titanic of ships

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    Take Me to Church | Hozier

    Take me to church
    I’ll worship like a dog 
    at the shrine of your lies
    I’ll tell you my sins so you
    can sharpen your knife
    Offer me that deathless death
    Good God let me give you
    My life

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    And though you think the world is at your feet, it can rise up and tread on you.

    Atonement, 2007 | Joe Wright.

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    my favorites of 2013 - 13 ships | (2/13)

    John Luther/Alice Morgan (Luther)

    John: Why’d you come back?
    Alice: I wanted something.
    John: What?
    Alice: You.

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  5. Pretty Thing | Broods

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  7. Sophie Turner on the set for Karen Millen’s Fall Campaign (2014)

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  8. get to know me meme: [1/5] female characters » marnie madden

    We will smile, and be the perfect man and wife, but from now on what you do with your time is of no interest to me, and what I do is nothing to do with you. I will do what I like.

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